Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Action plan for 2020-2021

Gender equality is one of the key challenges facing society today. Mary Matha College has a strong ethical work culture that is based on inclusivity. It observes highest ethical standards in all its activities. Equal opportunities are provided to all individuals irrespective of gender, race, caste, color, creed, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Its unique work culture, healthy traditions and ethos have led to enrolment of 61% women students and 50% women staff. Safety, security and well-being, along with gender equity and friendly working atmosphere are the issues of prime concern to the College.

Gender sensitivity is an inherent value in the cultural ethos of the institute and its neighboring community, as is evident by the following facilities –

  • Safety and Security of Women
    • The College offers hostel facility for girls in the campus itself.
    • The college hostel is partially funded by UGC and the College Management.
    • The hostel has facilities to accommodate forty persons at a time.
    • Each room in the College Hostel has attached bathrooms, and infrastructure facilities to accommodate three girl students.
    • Separate study room, common dining hall and recreational facilities are also provided for the inmates.
    • Girl students who need hostel accommodation are required to apply in the prescribed application form available in the college office. The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

      Bio data
      Two copies of passport size photographs
      Declaration from the parent or guardian
      Recommendation from the Principal

    • Accommodation will be provided to the eligible applicants subject to availability.
    • At the time of admission to the hostel the students have to remit Caution Deposit and one-month mess charge in advance.
    • Apart from the college hostel, another hostel (St. Joseph’s Hostel) run by the nuns and approved by the college offers hostel facility to girls.
    • It provides accommodation for 50 girl students of the College.
    • Males are not allowed in the hostel, however whenever there is a requirement for maintenance, supply and others due permission is obtained from the respective Hostel Warden and during such visits teacher in charge accompany the workers (Male).
    • Visiting parents/relatives of the boarders are allowed to the reception of the respective hostels after due approval from the Hostel administration.
    • An entry/exit register is maintained in all the hostels where all entry/exits are recorded.
    • Outside the Hostel boundary male guards are deployed during night to restrict the movement of nay male towards the hostels.
    • Provided Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.
  • Counseling
    • Mentors provide guidance and counseling on academic and non-academic matters. The mentors are encouraged to be responsive to the needs of his/ her mentees.
    • The Mentoring and Counseling committee monitors the mentoring processes of the College. Each batch of students has a mentor who is responsible for the welfare of the batch. Faculty members are encouraged to assist the students who require extra help in academic, and non- academic matters.
    • In addition to the mentoring system, counseling services provided in the College is also monitored by this committee.
    • They also provide primary psychological counseling to those who need them and refer them for more professional counseling, if required.
    • Formal and informal avenues for counseling male and female students and staff for academic and other issues/problems.
    • Grievance Redressal Committees for staff and students.
    • The counseling service will address various degrees of the problem and provide suitable solution from time to time. The professionals try to resolve the matter in a more satisfying way. The services are open to all the students free and totally confidential.
    • The person is asked to visit the counselor in a scheduled day in a fixed counsel room. The counselor will counsel the students according to his/her problem after registering his identification and keeping all the information confidential.
    • Others – Exam Counseling, Orientation Programmes for Teachers and Students, Moral Counseling, Career Counseling and Student- Parent Counseling.
  • Common Rooms
  • The College has some common room for women.