Mary Matha Arts & Science College


The College was constituted primarily for educating the first-generation graduates of Wayanad keeping with its motto Education for Total Liberation. An institution's performance is characterized by its reason for coming into existence, its vision, nature of the stakeholders, access to various resources, cultural ambience and physical location. The college is located in Mananthavady, a backward and rural region in northern Wayanad. It is the only Aspirational District in the State as identified by NITI Aayog. Realizing the dearth of higher education centres in Wayanad and the resultant lack of academicians, teachers, journalists and other employees from among the people of this district, the college envisioned the empowerment of the region through the educational empowerment of the first-generation graduates. Evaluating the quarter century existence, it is gratifying to state that there is a substantial increase in the number of first-generation graduates serving the society in the capacity of teachers, academicians, lawyers, journalists; a considerable number of them our alumni. This distinctive feature of the college is well evidenced in the following table showing the increase in the faculty appointments from Wayanad. When the college began in 1995, the Management was not able to appoint any faculty from Wayanad as there weren’t candidates academically qualified for the same.