Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Anti-Ragging Cell

Even before the UGC and the Supreme Court issued directives to institutions to take stringent steps to curb ragging and related harassment, we had formed the Anti-ragging Cell and initiated concerted steps in this direction.Besides, we conduct orientation for the juniors and seniors in order to conscientize them and we also have a Freshers’ Welcome which helps the newcomers integrate seamlessly into the community.

National Anti-Ragging Programme

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Anti-ragging cell Committee 2023-2024

Member Mobile No.
Dr Maria Martin Joseph (Principal) 9447277990
Mr Binoy Joseph (Convener) 9946234220
Dr Shaju P P (IQAC Co-ordinator) 9447887703
Smt Smitha Teacher (Councillor, Mananthavady Municipality) 9562764414
SHO, Mananthavady Police Station 9497987199
Adv Shebin George 9447933516
Mr Varkey C J (PTA Vice President) 9656672488
Mr Regi Francis (College Union Advisor) 9048527576
Mr Sabu O J (NCC Officer) 9847878750
Dr Rajitha Xavior (Co-ordinator, Women’s Welfare) 7559092629
Dr Sanu V F (NSS. PO) 9447717808
Mr Joy Joseph(Office Superintendent) 9400615725
Ms Arya P Raveendran (College Union Vice Chairperson) 9074970838
Ajay M H (College Union General Secretary) 9074151407
Mr Ayana P K (First year student)
Ms Shabin K (First year student) 8301814804

Anti-ragging Squad 2023-2024

Mr Binoy Joseph (Convener)
Mr Toby K Joseph (Dept of English)
Dr Rajitha Xavior (Dept of Commerce)
Dr Eldho K J (Dept of Computer Science)
Dr Sijo A K (Dept of Physics)
Dr Sanu V F (Dept of Zoology)
Ms Linet Rose (Dept of Chemistry)
Mr Gokul M A (Dept of Political Science)
Ms Vishnupriya (Dept of Physical Education)
Muhammed Yasir (UUC)
Eline Martin (Fine Arts Secretary)
Amal K S (Senior Under Officer, NCC)
Ashika K N (Under Officer, NCC)
Thomas K Poulose (Under Officer NCC)
Anjana Sasikumar (General Secretary, NSS)
Anurag V S (General Secretary, NSS)