Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Profile of political science Department

Political science is the study of governments, public policies, and political processes and behaviors. Using a number of scientific tools, political scientists are able to examine the processes, policies, and political systems of all cultures and places. The Department conducts the following courses as complementary courses to BA Functional English:

  • Human Rights
  • Politics of Globalization

The students are given grounding in the basic concepts and ideas regarding human rights, issues of globalization, their realization at the grassroots levels, collective and individual experiences of these issues etc. Students are encouraged to relate theoretical and academic discussions to their everyday experiences and also to act constructively in particular issues around them. Thus, the attempt is to inculcate in the students values and attitudes appropriate to democratic ideals and structures along with the development of academic competence in these issues. The classroom discussions and explorations are informed by the larger matrix of governance, participation, constitutional provisions, development etc. Students are also given an opportunity to develop a critical understanding of these issues and the human condition.

Dr K T Varkey, the former Principal of the college, headed the Department till his retirement. He is the author of many books on Political Science and International Relations, which are recommended by various universities in Kerala as comprehensive textbooks for degree students.