Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Profile of Chemistry Department

Chemistry aims to understand matter, create new forms of matter, and translate its new discoveries into useful products, as well as provide enabling technologies for other disciplines such as biology and medicine. Chemistry is indispensable as a science for it provides the ability to understand living systems at the molecular level. Chemistry is central to the drug discovery and development process, providing the molecules that eventually become the medicines that cure and treat disease. Fuels, polymers and plastics, and other high-tech materials are also the products of chemistry. The sophistication of all these products depends on the state of the science of chemistry, particularly its ability to synthesize and understand the nature of molecules and their properties. It is essential to continue to advance the field of chemistry at the fundamental level so as to provide state-of-the-art tools to design, synthesize, and evaluate new functional molecules for specific applications.

The Department offers English composition at all levels and a flexible undergraduate major with various options, so if you are interested in traditional or modern literature, language and linguistics, or creative writing, you will certainly find a match in our major. Our interdisciplinary option allows you to include courses from other departments.

While started in 1995 to offer complimentary paper for the BSc. Zoology course, the department now offers BSc. Chemistry course (from 2005) under the self-financing scheme. The department offer small classes, individualized attention and hands-on learning using state-of-the-art instrumentation. The teachers of the Department have been rendering various types of consultancy services to people in and around the institution, and also participate as resource persons, speakers etc. in various programmes organized locally or by other institutions.

The department is headed by Lt Dr Rajeev Thomas, who is also holds the additional charge of the NCC officer. The students of the Department are actively involved in both academic and co-curricular activities of the College, and Most of the alumni of this Department have been pursuing their higher studies - M Sc Chemistry, MCJ, MCA and B Ed. Some of them are placed as teachers.