Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Profile of Physical Education Department

Many students are drawn to English language and literature, but believe that their career prospects would be improved with a more technical or professional major. In fact, English is a versatile major that provides excellent preparation for careers in teaching, journalism, law, corporate communications -- in short, any area in which strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills are vital and rewarded necessities.

The Department offers English composition at all levels and a flexible undergraduate major with various options, so if you are interested in traditional or modern literature, language and linguistics, or creative writing, you will certainly find a match in our major. Our interdisciplinary option allows you to include courses from other departments.

Aims and Goals of Physical Education

The aims and goals of physical education are very broad-based. It does not deal with physical wellbeing alone. It should benefit the whole individual and aid his/her development in such a way that he/she is in a position to promote the well-being of the society in general. It should increase the individual’s physical, mental and intellectual capabilities for the benefit of the society. It also helps in developing leadership qualities and social skills as well as the ability to handle completion effectively.

General Objectives

  • All-round development of the personality
  • Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Spiritually well balanced individual
  • Sport participation should make interaction with other student studying in various Colleges and University
  • Sport participation should make interaction with other student studying in various Colleges and University

Specific Objectives

  • Make a fine tuned individual
  • Make high level performers
  • Stress on the individual needs
  • Participation in sports makes satisfaction
  • main thrust is given on recreation and relaxation

Development: We have provided the Following:

  • 200mtrs.Track and football field in the year 1996
  • Volleyball court in the year1997
  • Facility for Chess in the year1997
  • Basketball court (Mud) in the year 1998
  • Yoga Club in the year 1998
  • Badminton court (Out door) in the year 1999
  • Cricket pitch in the year 2000
  • Archery facility in the year 2001
  • Health fitness and yoga Club in the year 2002
  • facility for Table Tennis in the year 2003
  • One more volleyball court in the year2004
  • Two new Cricket pitch in the year 2008-09
  • One more Table Tennis in the year 2010
  • Certificate Course in Yogic Sciences is started in the year 2010-11
  • We have membership in various Clubs and Association, who help in the development of sports
  • Indoor stadium:- 4 badminton courts, basketball court, volleyball court, handball court