Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Mentoring & Counselling Services

  • The College has an effective Mentoring System
  • Every batch of students has a Mentor, who is responsible in looking after the welfare of that batch. Before and after the regular schedule 1 hr each per day is set apart for counseling, Mentoring and Academic Advice
  • Mentors of the College are accessible, responsive, open-minded, student-oriented and dedicated to the development of his/her mentees.
  • Mentors of this Institution are good listeners, able to offer honest and constructive criticism and willing to compliment their pupils’ accomplishments.
  • Mentors do these things in a confidential manner. They initiate contact with their pupils and devote time for the Mentoring Relationship.
  • Mentors familiarize the pupil with the campus environment and culture and help the pupil set his or her priorities. Mentors establish both short and long term goals and follow up on pupils’ progress.
  • Mentor Records provide valuable data on mentees’ academic achievements, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in which the mentees participated/excelled, their parents’ academic and financial background etc.
  • Each Mentor monitors the academic as well as co-curricular performance of his/her mentees. The Mentor maintains constant interaction with the parents of their mentees.
  • Advanced Learners in a Mentoring System are provided with reference books, other reading materials etc. and are encouraged to support the Slow Learners of their batch.
  • Mentors provide their mentees the academic, personal and psycho-social support.
  • There has been a Professional Counselor on campus in addition to the Teacher-counselors to address the psycho-social issues of the needy students. The Professional Counselor maintains a record of the students who seek the support of the Counselor.
  • Teachers other than Mentors also provide academic advice to the students. Before and after the regular schedule one hour each per day is set apart for Academic Advice.
  • The Women’s Cell of the College offers counseling to girl students. Regular awareness Programmes are conducted for them.