Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Profile of Mathematics Department

If there's one major that attracts creative, critical thinkers, it's mathematics. The rigor, logic, and innovation required of math majors provide students with excellent preparation for a host of professions in the modern job market.

Mathematics is about number operations and algebra, motion and change (calculus and differential equations), logical analysis, scientific visualization, structure and geometry, the prediction of random events (probability), the extraction of useful information from large sets of data (statistics), the discovery of the best ways to do things (optimization). It is abstract and theoretical, and intensely down-to-earth and practical, all at the same time Mathematics students will develop the ability to explore, conjecture, and reason, as well as solve a variety of problems. Opportunities for students with a strong background in mathematics are as diverse as they are plentiful. Our courses prepare students for exciting and rewarding work in industry, careers in teaching, and for advanced post-baccalaureate study. Our calculus, differential equations, analysis, and probability and statistics courses enable science students to analyse data and predict outcomes in static and dynamic situations. Our foundations, discrete mathematics and algebra courses give students the tools they need for rigorous logical and structural analysis and a deep conceptual understanding of quantitative situations. Our mathematics education courses prepare students to be outstanding teacher leaders with a deep knowledge of mathematics and the best practices in teaching. Our general education courses give the general student the mathematical background she or he needs to function in life as an educated and informed citizen in an increasingly quantitative and data-driven world.


Mathematics has been correctly called "the Queen of Science": all of modern science has become increasingly reliant on mathematical methods and discoveries. To wit, the most recent developments in physics, economics, and finance, to name just a few disciplines, are all highly mathematical in nature. Moreover, mathematics is one of the central human intellectual disciplines, with a history extending almost three millennia. The Mary Matha College's Department of Mathematics succeeds admirably in both advancing science and extending fundamental knowledge. It is recognized as a research center by Kannur University and research in the department in the fundamental core subjects of algebra, analysis, geometry, and topology is prolific, highly visible and internationally recognized. Our faculty maintain active research programs that have let to regular publications in mathematics.

Achievements & Activities

In addition to their curricular activities the students are involved in taking free tuitions in Mathematics in nearby schools. They serve as volunteers for international/ national/ regional conferences/workshops/group discussions /seminars organized by the Department.
Every year, students of the Department visit high schools/ higher secondary schools of Wayanad district and encourage the school students to participate in the Mathematics Olympiad conducted regularly at the Department.
Department arranges interactive sessions with the top scientists/ mathematicians/academicians who visit Mathematics Research Centre on various occasions.
Some students of the Department received Certificate of Merit from such visitors.
Every year a minimum of seven students are selected to participate in the UG Training Programme sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi organized at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Pala.
The Head of the Department, Dr Germina K A is on Deputation to the Ccentral University of Kerala, Kasargod.