Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Profile of Zoology Department

Zoology is literally ‘all about animals’. The Department of Zoology strives to create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain excellence and in which its members can achieve their full potential.The Department offers a full-time BSc Degree Programme with Chemistry and Biological Techniques as Complementary Courses. The Department has a well-equipped laboratory with museum specimens and essential equipment. The Department also offers Research Programme (Ph.D) in Zoology. Every year they are taken on a study to tour to places/institutions of scientific importance with a view to improving their scientific/research aptitude and skills. Students are provided with smart class room facility apart from the routine regular classroom learning facilities. Students take project work related to pests, pesticides, survey of scientific matters, collection of organisms etc. Students receive a thorough grounding in general zoology, exploring the diversity of animal form and function, and the evolution and ecology of the major animal groups. Through a series of individual modules which offer an element of choice, students will cover both invertebrate and vertebrate zoology and consider applied aspects such as Apiculture, Sericulture , Applied Entomology, dairy science, poultry, aquaculture, parasitology etc. We offer several opportunities to carry out field studies, both home and abroad, and to work in a research laboratory. Zoology department conducts seminars, workshops, science exhibitions, blood grouping, video shows, slide shows etc. in connection with student-oriented scientific activities. Students actively participate in various extra-curricular activities. Students are interested and involved in the social and environmental matters of their communities too.