Mary Matha Arts & Science College

The College Crest

The emblem, together with the motto ‘Education for Total Liberation ’ is symbolic of the ideals the college stands for. The open book, the pen and receiving hands represent the reception and assimilation of knowledge which liberates the individual from the debilitating shackles of ignorance and incapacity. However the growth and evolution of the individual through education is not seen as an end in itself. The training, both academic and extracurricular, seeks to foster in the students a keen awareness of their communities armed with the skills to contribute positively to change and reconstruction where required.

The symbols take a new dimension of meaning in connection with the Patron Saint of the college, Mother Mary, whose offering hands represent a complete surrender to the Eternal Wisdom. The tool for imparting wisdom, the pen, from another angle looks like a lighted candle that dispels the darkness of ignorance and it signifies that the learning one receives at the institution is not to be kept to oneself but to be disseminated in the community.