Mary Matha Arts & Science College

Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala

Re-accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade, CGPA 2.85 (III Cycle)

Education for total liberation

Minor Research Projects


Sl NoName of the TeacherTopic
1Dr Germina K A Distance Compatible Set Labelling of Graphs and Structure Knowledge 
2Dr Mercy IgnatiusTaxonomic Studies on the Torymidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Wayanad District
Dr. Joseph K J A Socio- linguistic Study on the Kurichiyans of Wayanad District 
Dr Rajeev ThomasStudies on Some Inorganic ion-Exchangers
Dr Maria Martin JosephEffect of Aerobic Exercise on Glycemic Control among Diabetic Patients
Dr Maria Martin JosephEstimation of the Total Number of  Students/Staff  with Diabetes or with pre-diabetes  in Colleges under Wayanad District.
Dr Rakesh KaliaLexicon of Proverbs in Hindi – Malayalam- English
Dr Prasadan P KStudies on the Gastropod Fauna of Wayanad and their Role as Vectors of Trematode Parasites
Dr Prasadan P KUse of Agricultural Pesticides and its Impact on Human Health - A Study in Wayanad District
Dr Geetha Antony PullenStudy of Possibilities of Utility functions in Economics and Commerce
11Dr Geetha Antony PullenMCMC Methods- An Application in Genetics 
12Dr Sudha Devi A RStudies on the Spider Fauna of Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary
13Dr Sudha Devi A RAnalysis of Dietary Value of the Crab Barytelphusa cunicularis
14Mr George ThomasIntricacies of Self – Translation
15Dr Shaju P PPresentation and Negotiation of Women in Malayalam Television Serials
16Dr Thomas MonothE-teaching and E-learning
17Dr Thomas MonothOnline Information Security Based on Visual Secret Sharing
18Dr Thomas MonothAnalysis of Digital Image Encryption based on Cryptographic Techniques
19Ms Jisha T E Language Transliteration in Indian Languages – A Lexicon Parsing Approach 
Mr Regi FrancisImpact of Future Trading on Spot Prices of Pepper – A Study in Wayanad District of Kerala
21Ms Rejitha XaviorEcofriendly Products and Environment – Role of URAVU in Wayanad District of Kerala
22Ms Ramya KrishnanFinancial Inclusion and Financial Literacy among the Tribal People of Wayanad District
23Dr Bindhu K ThomasTopologies on Graphs and Hypergraphs
24Dr Aneesh E MStudy of aromatic plant extracts to overcome resistance developed by Culex quinquifaciatus Say., the filariasis vector to conventional insecticide
24Dr Sudhadevi A RRole of hormones on growth and reproduction in the freshwater crab Travancoriana schirnerae
25Ms Jisha T E
Identification of Multi-word Expression - A comparative Literature Study
Translation of Paniya Languages in Wayanad to Malayalam Using Lexical Analysis
Identification of Multi-word Expressions: A Literature Study
26LIsha AAnalysis of Cryptographic Algorithms based on Vedic Mathematics
Analysis of DSP Algorithms based on Vedic Mathematics