Mary Matha Arts & Science College

The Central Library and Reading Room

The college has a fully automated central library, the major learning resource of the institution, with the following facilities:

  • A spacious common reading room with 70 chairs and 19 round tables Separate Reading Space for staff members
  • Network Resource Centre (NRC) with 14 Computers
  • Stack Room – Entry is allowed to students on request
  • Cabin for the Librarian
  • A room, next to the Cabin of the Librarian, for routine check up and repair of damaged books.
  • Photocopier (that can also be used as a computer printer) is kept very close to the computers in the NRC.
  • Journals/Magazines are arranged on a Display Board. The back volumes are arranged on the space provided behind the Display Board
  • A cubicle/space for book distribution at the entrance of the Library
  • The Library is automated with KOHA Software
  • The books are housed in well maintained stacks.
  • Internet facility is provided to all students and faculty in the library, free of cost.